Humane Farms
12 March 2002

I recently had an unexpected blessing while volunteering for Floridians for Humane Farms. I was collecting petition signatures during an art fair at Juno Beach. The day boasted a brilliant sun, blue sky, strong breezes, and a temperature of nearly 80 degrees. The ocean was clear, gorgeous teal. There I was, alone, armed with pads, pens, and two hours to donate.

People passed from north and south. Near the end of my two hours, I have to admit I was getting weary. I decided to ask one last time, "Are you registered to vote in Florida? Would you mind signing my petition against animal abuse?" Well, the chosen mother-daughter team eagerly started signing before they even knew what abuse I was fighting! (See "Action Needed".) The mother said, "Thank God for people like you!" This may seem trivial to some, but that blessing almost brought tears to my eyes. I replied, "This is my ministry, "Christ Loves Creatures, too!" We got into a discussion about animals and heaven and where to find information in The Bible.

This is being shared with you because before I went out I prayed that my work be blessed. I always need to be assured I am doing Godís will. After most people signed, I said, "Thank you and God bless you!" Having an enthusiastic women blessing me, no matter how inadvertently, had to have been Godís stamp of approval!

Having an animal advocacy burden placed on my heart is not easy. It can be heavy, depressing and troubling. It can also have little rewards that make serving God in a ministry that isnít always popular, even among Christians, the most exciting thing in life. These little rewards are not sought, but experienced none-the-less whenever what is being done is for His glory. Thank you, Lord!

If you have a creature-related blessing received from God and youíd like to share, please contact us by clicking on the mailbox below.

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