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"And God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.   And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day" (Genesis 1:31)

Cohotate Preserve
12 October 2001 Field Trip
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cp-12oct2001-1.jpg (38613 bytes)(No. 1)  We try to take a walk every day for some exercise and to enjoy the ever-changing beauty of God's creation.  Today's "walk" was a hike through Cohotate Preserve.  Come and join us!  The first thing that attracted our attention was this barberry bush with its bright red berries.




cp-12oct2001-2.jpg (69965 bytes)(No. 2)  The reason for this Cohotate hike was to look at the beginning of the autumn colors.





cp-12oct2001-3.jpg (102628 bytes)(No. 3)  We are glad that we live a few minute's drive from Cohotate Preserve, and hope that more of these preserves with walking trails will be established and protected. 




cp-12oct2001-4.jpg (76069 bytes)(No. 4)  One of the nice things about Cohotate is that it is a "no hunting" area, so people and animals are free to enjoy the woods and trails without fear of being shot. 




cp-12oct2001-5.jpg (88246 bytes)(No. 5)  The exposed roots of this old tree add an interesting contrast to the changing color of the leaves.





cp-12oct2001-6.jpg (45859 bytes)(No. 6)  We found this interesting fungus growing on a rotting log along the shore of the Hudson River.  The actual size was slightly larger than this full size photo.  We would appreciate any help in identifying it.  When writing, please refer to "cp-12oct2001-6".




cp-12oct2001-7.jpg (91858 bytes)(No. 7)  Each season of the year has its own beauty.   Mid-October bursts forth like a crescendo of musical instruments: cymbal-colors clashing, crashing in a vast cacophony of hues trumpeting resplendent autumn.




cp-12oct2001-8.jpg (91635 bytes)(No. 8)  We're looking northward along the western shore of the Hudson River with its fallen driftwood logs, dried grass and changing autumn leaves.




cp-12oct2001-9.jpg (85970 bytes)(No.9)  We're looking eastward across the Hudson River through a filigree of autumn's colorful leaves.





cp-12oct2001-10.jpg (92553 bytes)(No. 10)  This is another eastward look across the Hudson River through the latticework of dark tree trunks and branches, and the brightly colored leaves of autumn.




cp-12oct2001-11.jpg (81097 bytes)(No. 11)  A skyward look at towering giants who will shortly shed their multicolored robes.





cp-12oct2001-12.jpg (95299 bytes)(No. 12)  This autumnal congregation stood with arms held high in thankful prayer, as we added our Amen!





cp-12oct2001-13.jpg (76615 bytes)(No. 13)  On river's bank, the old master and the younger protege stand, displaying their autumn colors.





cp-12oct2001-14.jpg (91506 bytes)(No. 14)  A dry stream bed waits patiently for future rains and runoff.





cp-12oct2001-15.jpg (53416 bytes)(No. 15)  This moss covered rock stands as a sentinel guarding the stream's crossing.





cp-12oct2001-16.jpg (97741 bytes)(No. 16)  The contrast between bright patches of sunlight and the otherwise shaded woods adds a special character to the beauty along the pathways of Cohotate Preserve.




cp-12oct2001-17.jpg (61702 bytes)(No. 17)  There are times in each of our lives when we need to look above and beyond the troubling things around us.  But here at Cohotate, we find that peace in both the woods around and the sky above.




cp-12oct2001-18.jpg (74016 bytes)(No. 18)  The tips of trees tops, the blue of sky, the wispy white of clouds, and God's multicolored paintbrush combined to enhance the joy of our day.




cp-12oct2001-19.jpg (87216 bytes)(No. 19)  We're nearing the end of the pathway where there's a small clearing in the midst of the woods; but standing in front of us, like children trying to get their pictures taken, are these young trees.




cp-12oct2001-20.jpg (85997 bytes)(No. 20)  This young sassafras tree, with "three fingered" leaves, displays her autumn finery.





cp-12oct2001-21.jpg (90841 bytes)(No. 21)  More autumn color along the pathway.





cp-12oct2001-22.jpg (56630 bytes)(No. 22)  This is a view from the lowland peninsula of Cohotate Preserve looking northward along the west shore of the Hudson River.





cp-12oct2001-23.jpg (107951 bytes)(No. 23)  More of Cohotate's color and contrast as we end our day's hike.  Our thanks to those who made Cohotate Preserve available for our enjoyment and to God for creating its beauty.




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