Weekly Newsletter from Christian Vegetarian Association CVA - March 5, 2020
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1. Activist Feedback

Stacy, who leafleted with fellow activists at Winter Jam in Knoxville, writes:

Winter Jam was great! Rick Hershey showed up so we had a pro helping. I recruited two additional volunteers, Payton and Al (Andrew). Al is not yet vegan—he would like to be—and is on the path making changes. He's Christian and felt that the message of compassion toward animals was really important to spread to fellow Christians.

I love watching the people reading the booklets after we give them out. We were able to give out 3000 booklets—which is my personal Winter Jam record! Getting there early helped our numbers quite a bit.

Upcoming Activist Opportunities


03/12/2020 KY, Louisville Winter Jam 2020
03/12/2020 FL, Pensacola Mercy Me`
03/13/2020 IL, Hoffman Estates Winter Jam 2020
03/14/2020 OH, Cincinnati Winter Jam 2020
03/14/2020 MO. St. Louis Toby Mac
03/15/2020 TN, Chattanooga Winter Jam 2020
03/19/2020 IN, Indianapolis Mercy Me
03/20/2019 SC, Greenville Winter Jam 2020
03/21/2020 NC, Charlotte Winter Jam 2020
03/22/2020 NC, Raleigh Winter Jam 2020
03/26/2020 TN, Knoxville Casting Crowns
03/27/2020 OH, Cleveland Casting Crowns
03/27/2020 VA, Norfolk Winter Jam 2020
03/28/2020 PA, State College Winter Jam 2020
03/28/2020 TX, San Antonio Toby Mac
03/29/2020 OH, Cleveland Winter Jam 2020
04/03/2020 MN, Minneapolis Jeremy Camp
04/16/2020 MO, Springfield Casting Crowns
04/30/2020 IL, Peoria Toby Mac
05/01/2020 TX, Houston Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
05/03/2020 TN, Knoxville Toby Mac
05/04/2020 NC, Asheville Toby Mac
05/05/2020 TN, Knoxville Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
05/09/2020 PA, Reading Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
05/13/2020 MI, Detroit Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
05/13/2020 OH, Cincinnati Toby Mac
05/13/2020 IL, Peoria Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
05/14/2020 MO, Springfield Toby Mac
05/18/2020 CO, Denver Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
06/06/2020 MO, Springfield Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
06/16/2020 WA, Seattle Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
06/23/2020 CA, San Diego Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
06/25/2020 AZ, Phoenix Hillsong Worship Awake Tour
06/26/2020 CA, Los Angeles Hillsong Worship Awake Tour


03/21-22/20 CA, N Hollywood Vegan Street Fair 2020
03/29/2020 IN, Indianapolis 2020 Indy Vegfest
04/04/2020 TX, Austin Texas Vegfest 2020
04/05/2020 CA, San Diego San Diego Vegan Festival
04/05/2020 NC, Raleigh Raleigh Veg Fest 2020
04/19/2020 VA, Herndon Fairfax Veg Fest 2020
04/25/2020 FL, Orlando Central Florida Earth Day
04/26/2020 AL, Birmingham Alabama Vegan Fest 2020
05/2-3/2020 WA, Seattle Seattle Vegfest 2020
05/3/2020 CA, Encino VegFest Los Angeles 2020
05/03/2020 TN, Nashville Nashville Vegfest Festival Day 2020
05/16/2020 NY, NYC NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
05/31/2020 MI, Detroit VegMichigan Vegfest 2020
06/13/2020 PA, Philadelphia Philadelphia VegFest 2020
06/14/2020 NC, Asheville Asheville Veganfest 2020
06/20/2020 NC, Greensboro 4th Annual Triad vegfest 2020
07/25/2020 WA, Spokane Spokane Vegfest 2020
08/08/2020 IL, Lisle Veggie Fest Chicago 2020
08/29/2020 MO, St. Louis St. Louis VegFest 2020
09/26/2020 NV, Las Vegas Vegas Vegfest 2020
10/04/2020 NY, Albany Albany Vegfest 2020
10/24-25/20 MA, Boston 2020 Boston Veg Food Fest
10/17/2020 NY, Syracuse Syracuse Vegfest 2020

There are many opportunities to spread the word that plant-based eating is good news for all God’s Creation. Winter Jam events feature a particularly receptive crowd, and a lot of activists have enjoyed leafleting at Winter Jam. If you volunteer to leaflet, the CVA will donate $25/hr to the animal protection or veg. group of your choice. Please contact Lorena at [email protected] if you might be able to help.

2. All-Creatures.Org Ministry

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