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By Jamie Ray - 23 Dec 2006

Thanks for bringing awareness to people about the tortuous horror they support when they eat animals and animal products.

I have been vegetarian, mostly vegan, for 25 years - since the moment a piece of dead bleeding animal was put on my plate. I thought it was a sick joke when I was told to eat it.

I now run a wildlife hospital and help people find humane ways to resolve wildlife problems, as an alternative to indiscriminant trapping and killing of these animals.

I am a devout atheist, as are 90+ percent of the vegans and vegetarians I've met. I have always been baffled that those who profess to be morally superior to others (those of organized religious sects) do not extend their circle of compassion to other creatures. For this reason, I applaud your effort to reach this sector of humans with this message.

What hypocrisy it is to shout about right to life while slicing off and eating the tortured flesh of innocent animals. Dog and cat rescue people are equally hypocritical - "saving" one animal at the cost of untold suffering of chickens, lambs and cows to feed these animals during the course of their lives.

Having a pet for the sake of one's own pleasure is at least honest. Saving animals simply to feel good about oneself at the expense of others is a disconnect of morality.
Breeders of dogs and cats, while others are euthanized for lack of homes to place them seems equally morally reprehensible.

Thanks again for your effort to bring Christians around to their moral responsibility to extend compassion to all life, not just humans.

If you would like to personally respond, I welcome your thoughts. I do not want my email address to be used in any other way.

Thank you for respecting this.

A fried of all living creatures,