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By Mary - 29 Jul 2013

Thank you Frank.  

At least I have the knowledge and am doing something about it so I feel good about that, but the knowledge of what is actually going on is so heartbreaking.  I will have to find a way to deal with these feelings somehow although it is very hard knowing that when I open my eyes the first thing I think of is, right at this moment there are so many animals suffering horribly and the pain you feel inside for their fate is sometimes just unbearable.  

I think there is something wrong with my empathy towards is not balanced or is it even supposed to be??  I feel as though I can actually feel the pain and fear that they are going through...that is it right there..I have been looking for that reason and finally found it this moment...I feel their pain..physically and you?  Isn't that tipping the scale of empathy towards something wrong in my mind?  

I know now that that is the reason I just feel so horrible all the time and cry so much..I completely put myself in their situation; confinement, torture and all that is happening, imagine the filth they live in and just feel like dying along with them.