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By Sean - 14 Dec 2016

Dear Frank/Mary,

I’m sure you know “buyer’s remorse” right? Well, I’ve had feelings like that when it comes to things that don’t quite involve buying.

I mean, both versions of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” had a good soundtrack each and there’s that heartfelt quote straight from the book, “God Bless us, everyone”, (Wow, even when I type the quote, I shed tears of joy) but there are involvements of meals that no self-respecting vegan would encourage.

“Mickey’s Christmas Carol”; on the one hand, the opening song “Oh, What A Merry Christmas Day”, and the finale with the popular observation of Tiny Tim’s and the last few measures of said song (with portions added for a GRAND finale) On the other hand, talk of “plump goose with chestnut dressing” not to mention their sponsor at the time I first watched it; The announcer at commercial break is backed up by the powerful singing of “Merry, Merry Christmas” while stating “MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL is sponsored, in part, by McDonald’s, for it’s a good time with Ronald and his friends” and cue the commercial with that clown having a good skating party with kids and cameos with Bambi himself and those other animal characters. I like the jingling of bells since what was arranged for that ad, and I can’t believe that I, a vegan, took a liking to a type of music from that origin!

“The Muppet Christmas Carol” on the one hand, great songs, including those only heard in the album dedicated to the movie. On the other hand, the line “Goose! They’re cooking goose down there! Hey, Hey, Hey, don’t be sweeping the chimney now; you’re blocking the SMELL!” leading the me then to check out that smell, suggesting “Let’s cook goose this year” and my straightforward statement, “The goose has goosebumps!” EVERYONE laughed!

That’s like memories a couple in a melodrama or soap opera would deal with after a tear-jerking breakup. I mean, I broke up with McDonald’s and these pizzas, so, my iTunes video rental brought up memories Dad would still enjoy and laugh about, but make me felt like saltwater on an open wound, so instead of finishing it, I deleted the video, never to rent it again.

Bob Cratchit, in another musical version, sang “You Mean More to me” with Tiny Tim, and they try to buy a good bird for dinner, there’s a giving Mayor in the 1998 Disney movie “I’ll be Home for Christmas” who, if he won a race, would donate turkeys to those who can’t afford them. Jake (Jonathon Taylor Thomas) gives the winnings in an envelope saying “Mayor Wilson, the turkey tradition continues”.

My dad wanted to relief from grocery cargo by handing over a bag with a shrink-wrapped chicken, and I told him bitterly “keep the corpse” and I get told off for being “morally superior”!

I’m not superior; he, all good intentions aside, is determined to hold on to a tradition which doesn’t do animals any good! And I have to depend on his guardianship here in Boise and Social Security! Under different circumstances, I could break things off, and lean on different funds and people!

And so as Tiny Tim, observed, God bless us Everyone


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