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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 16 May 2006

Dear Susan:

Thank you for writing and for your questions. We'll do our best to answer them.

Actually, nowhere in the Bible is there any mention of Jesus eating any meat, and since there were vegetarian Jewish sects at that time, He very well could have followed one of them. Also, there is no mention of Him ever going fishing, and only one reference to His possibly eating a piece of broiled fish after His resurrection.

There is a great difference between God's intent and the way people live here on earth. His intent was clearly that both humans and other animals were to eat only plant foods (Genesis 1:29-30). Everything else was part of concession. To learn more about the difference see: 

To help you more fully understand Jesus helping the disciples catch fish, see: 

Peter's vision has been very poorly understood. See: 

When Jesus multiplies the bread and fish, He didn't kill any fish, He only multiplies the two salted or dried fish that were presented to Him. No new animals died.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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