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Animal Stories
Comments by Gail Faxon - 1 Jan 2008

In Reference to: The Story of Precious

If there had been one more word on that page I would not have been able to read it through my tears.

Ten years ago I had to have my Boots put to sleep as he had cancer of the jaw. He was 15. We could have operated on him and given him radiation and chemotherapy but we were told that it would most likely return. I could not put him through this at his age. I have never gotten over life without him in it. As I write this I am looking at a wonderful picture I have of him healthy and in all his glory.

Thank you for sharing this with me as it has given me once again feeling I remember so well of his presence in my life. He will always be my baby and I know he is soaking up the sun in kitty heaven and his spirit which is so alive and living in all of us who loved him is healthy and well.

G K Faxon

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