Cartoons by Denise E. Stephens


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Cartoons by Denise E. Stephens
By Suzanne - 26 Feb 2011

In Reference to: Cartoons by Denise E. Stephens

I agree 100% with Denise Stephens and what her cartoons say. There is nothing remotely entertaining about animals being forced to perform for human beings. These animals need to be in their natural environments and left alone by humans. And sadly, human beings do kid themselves when they say that animals don’t feel pain, aren’t subjected to stress and fear as we are, and don’t deserve any kindness or compassion. People who think like this have some emotional and mental issues in my opinion. God did not create animals for us to abuse, torture, or mistreat in any way. That is not what He is about.

I have always wondered why people who hunt or fish are called “outdoorsmen.” Can’t one enjoy the outdoors without murdering an innocent animal? Don’t people realize that every animal, given a chance, will fight for it’s life? And what is sportsmen like about murdering an animal with a high-powered gun or bow? Does the animal have a fighting chance at all? Usually not. This isn’t even close to being sporting. And hunters act like it’s their right to be able to gun down animals whenever they like. They post pictures of themselves with their murdered “prize,” on websites, in stores and in newspapers. It makes me ill. Thrilling from murdering an animal is an emotion I will never, ever understand.

Thank you for standing up for the animals.