Defining Christianity


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Defining Christianity
Comments by Kandy - 3 Nov 2009

I think it is important to remember that both Jesus and Paul were teaching to their audience. Paul taught guidelines within the worldview of his day. For instance, Paul's writings about slavery would today be similar to an employer/employee relationship. I mean, think about it. Paul was martyred by the Roman government, but we should be in submission to our government authorities and pray for them. It is all about relationship. Paul never said anything against women. He simply pointed out that men and women have different gifts. If Paul was anti-animals, then why did he write in Romans that all creation will be liberated into the glorious freedom of the children of God?

In my opinion, it is not up to me to question God or His Word or those whom He inspired to write His Word. Just because I do not understand something does not mean it is not true. I am not God. There are a lot of things in the Bible that I may not understand, because I am finite. God is infinite. But just because I do not understand something does not mean I do not believe it. I have to stand with Paul who began by knowing nothing save Christ and Him crucified. When we start on the firm foundation of Christ, all else will fall into place.