Did Abel or CainDid Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
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By Brian - 14 Oct 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

I recently read your article on Cain and Abel (http://www.all-creatures.org/discuss/didabel.html) and I believe you are completely right in your realization that lying pens twisted the truth and that it was actually the fruit and grain offering that was accepted.

It is a simple case of human greed that is evident all over the world. For instance, according to the Jataka Tales:

....When he had thus reassured the king, the Buddha added: "It was neither truth nor love for you that prompted the brahmans to prophesy as they did. It was pure greed and selfishness that led them to prescribe sacrifices."

....Thus the Buddha explained the meaning of the sixteen dreams. Then he said, "Nor are you the first to have had these dreams. They were dreamed by kings of bygone days as well. Then, as now, brahmans found in them a pretext for sacrifices."

....."Sir," he answered, "the king himself is righteous, but the brahmans are leading him astray. The king consulted with them about sixteen dreams he had, and the brahmans jumped at the opportunity for sacrifices. Venerable sir, how good it would be for you to explain to the king the real meaning of his dreams! Your explanation will save many animals from cruel death!"..

Source: http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/kawasaki/bl144.html

Even in Ancient China, there is such a problem, for instance, according to Qing Dynasty Upasaka An Shi's Discourse on the Forty Eight Inquiries of Non Violence,

26.) Question: When Confucius practiced mercy, he only refrained from fishing with nets and shooting sleeping animals. He did not say we could not use fish hooks or shoot at animals that are awake. Thus, as you completely prohibit both hunting and fishing, are you saying the teachings of Confucius are no good?

 Answer: You are missing the point. Confucius clearly wished for everyone to completely refrain from taking animal life. When he prohibited the use of nets, he meant to shame us for our avarice. When he prohibited the shooting of sleeping and resting animals, he was pointing out our cruelty. Humans often kill without restraint and give peace to no creature. As Sages teach by example, Confucius' diet consisted only of spring water and fresh vegetables. He never fished or shot at any animal during his life. In fact, he offered only vegetable offerings to his ancestors. If you think Sages would cruelly hook fish and shoot birds, you are too shallow to understand their profound teachings.

Source: Attached PDF translation

So it is obvious that people will go to great lengths to gratify their gluttony and justify the of killing animals . Thus, I am really grateful that you are helping to campaign against people's delusion that they somehow have a Divinely sanctioned blank check to kill animals.

Please keep up with the great work!!!


P.S. Also, I was recently introduced to the Tainan Avalokitesvara  Homeland Buddhist Association. They are a Taiwan based charity that purchases cattle,retired milk cows, sea animals, pigs, ostriches, poultry, lambs, rabbits, turtles, frogs and so forth that would otherwise be sent to the slaughterhouse for their fur, meat or leather. They re-home these animals in their sprawling animal sanctuary where they are cared for for life.  As I have noticed you have included a Buddhist link (Dharma voices for animals) in your directory, I think you can include their website (see below) in your directory of resources. 

Facebook Page: https://zh-tw.facebook.com/avalokitesvara2013

Sanctuary gallery:  http://www.avalokitesvara.tw/Pet1_pic_detail.php?pap=6

Website: http://www.avalokitesvara.tw/Donation.php

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