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By Jennifer - 21 Aug 2015

Hi. I'm not sure if you guys answer emails, but I was wondering if you could help. As a Christian with a fondness for creatures, I've always used Romans 8:19-22 to support my belief that have animals that had died will be in the next life. However, the other day when I was browsing Google, I stumbled upon a blog, a Christian that claimed that this scripture was misinterpreted and used 2 Peter 2:12 to "prove" that animals will not be in heaven.

It's discouraging, which is why I'm asking if you could explain what 2 Peter's actually saying so I could move on, knowing that this person is wrong. Perhaps he's a human who never learned to love animals. And because Satan had used this scripture to tear me down, knowing that The Accuser can't tell the truth, what that man said must be wrong. If you had already covered this scripture on your web page, I'd love it if you could send the link.



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