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Dominion: Comments and Discussion
Comments by Richard Schwartz - 12 Mar 2010

Dear Ruth, Mary and Frank,

I think we can go around in circles for quite awhile re this, without getting very far.

I agree with Frank that we should seek common ground and solutions rather than arguing that one religious approach will solve all problems.

All I can say is that I argue that, based on Jewish teachings, and that of other religions, people should not eat meat, wear fur, experiment on animals or abuse them in any other way.

I do not think adding unconditional compassion as an argument will get me any greater hearing unfortunately.

I personally now feel that our best argument is that a major shift to vegan diets is essential to avoid the looming climate catastrophe that will be catastrophic for all animals, including humans, but even that argument is being denied and resisted by the vast majority of people.

BTW, didn't India have a caste system for many years?

And isn't there still much poverty and a a rapid population growth that is a major environmental threat?

And isn't much milk consumed in India?

And what do they do with the baby calves?

Isn't there an egg industry in India?

All the best,