Dominion: Comments and Discussion


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Dominion: Comments and Discussion
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 21 Mar 2010

In reference to: Deconstructing Dominion

Dear Ruth:

As we have discussed, it's not really dominion as used in Genesis 1 that needs to be deconstructed, but the way it has been distorted from it's original intent of stewardship with lovingkindness.

Even if we extend the meaning of dominion as it is used elsewhere in the Bible, it still only adds the meaning of taking a stand or fighting against the forces of evil (that which is ungodly).  It never means to dominate or cause harm to any innocent animal or human being.

This is very similar to the ways in which vegetarianism has be distorted to include some animal products, such ovolacto-vegetarianism, which we both know is an oxymoron.

Deconstructing a word or fighting against a religion will not end the hardness of the human heart, which is the root of the evil we both want to end. We need to work within these religious organizations to end this hardness of heart and indifference to the suffering of animals.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary