Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness

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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness
Comments by Norma Carol - 26 Sep 2006

Dear Frank and Mary,

This is a wonderful concept. I have a few comments which will hopefully be helpful...they are not improvement on the steps (which are fine), but improvement on the way the steps are presented (editing).


As an animals rights advocate, it still seems degrading to both humans and animals to use the term "nonhuman animals". Although scientifically we are "mammal animals," we are in the image of God and to insinuate that humans are "animals" doesn't sit right--especially to people who have abused or are abusing our precious animals. I would be turned off to the program from the tone of the introduction. (On a personal note, I believe we are above animals, but not above caring for them and extending full rights to them.)

1. If animals are not to have human interference, do we eliminate the wonderful relationship of well treated, pampered, loving pets and their guardians?

2. fine

3. fine up to "since animal rights by definition means....". After that it is written in a very confusing style. Can't other terms besides nonhuman animals and human(s) be used?

4. fine

5. Do humans need animal rights MOST? This paragraph demonstrates good points but needs to be rewritten in a different way.

6. It may be more clear to state, "Communicate that animal rights benefit people because......." And that laws that are currently existing and need to be enforced prevent the exploitation, oppression, and abuse of animals that spills over to mistreatment and violence toward people. In the last sentence the use of "except" is a problem. The word could change to "in that human beings will no longer see themselves...." Again, interference sometimes helps animals, as in rescues, getting whales back to the ocean, etc. (Especially since humans may be the reason they beach to begin with.)

7. fine

8. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is working on this. I have the feeling going vegetarian may work as a first step before going vegan. Vegan may be too extreme for a start, but it's worth a try.

9. You need to be able to state why humans did not evolve as hunters etc. People hunted in the Bible. Sacrifice was eliminated after Christ when the Temple fell...but people did not stop eating meat did they? (We have and have done so in support of God's love, compassion, and creation of animals, still some tiype of explanation is needed here.)

10. "empirical eviidence"??? What is that...simplistic in language seems needed here.

11. fine

12. fine

Hope this is helpful... excellent start for a noble collaberation.

Love and blessings,


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