Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness


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Establishing the Rights of Animals in Law and Human Consciousness
Comments by Davis Cantor - 3 Oct 2006

I think the name “Animal Use Anonymous” is very clever!

I still don't think I'd make any changes for a while. But it's really your project and you seem to have a plan for it that I'm not entirely clear on. I see most of the comments taking issue with fairly sizeable parts of it, mostly based on viewing it from within the paradigm we're seeking to supplant. I think of it as mostly challenging the thinking that has mired a so-called animal rights movement in pointless or regressive activities and language. I don't see how it can do much more than that. What would publicity do when large-audience media won't explain the distinctions anyway?

Not that you shouldn't try those things; I just don't see how doing them will advance animal rights or get the core ideas to the point of changing how activists proceed. Will they redefine undesirable tactics to make them appear to fit the 12 Steps, or will they just reject the 12 Steps? So far I see signs of the latter, but I won't be surprised if people who want your approval, etc., engage in the former as well. We're not replacing large, high-budget organizations' hegemony, and they keep assuring people that what they're doing is "working." Few seem to notice that "working" isn't defined as making progress toward animal rights but just as achieving an irrelevant short-term objective. So I don't want to overestimate our impact. I'm more than open to being wrong, though!