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By Frank and Mary Hoffman

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Dear Joe:

You may be showing people the reality of worldly living, but you are definitely damaging their God-given sensitivities, and even causing some of them to doubt their faith.  We know, because we have been cleaning up the mess left in wake of your, and others like you, distorted view of Christianity. 

It is as Jesus says about those who lead His little ones astray...It would be better for them if a millstone were hung around their necks and they were drowned in the depths of the sea.

We don't believe that we are putting our own spin on Bible verses, as much as you are restricting their complete meaning and implication. What do you think if means when Jesus taught us to pray for our heavenly Father's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is no pain or death or mourning in heaven.

The only reason you want deer to reproduce is so you can have the "pleasure" of killing them.

We have seen to many wounded deer who were supposedly humanely and instantly killed.

We're not denying the horrors that go on in this world, we are trying to end them, while your encourage their continuation. Why?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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