Horseback Riding and Animal Rights: Can They Ever Be in Harmony?


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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Gregory Massey - 17 Jan 2006

Hi all,

On riding horses:

Although riding horses and keeping cats and dogs as companions aren't equivalent; they can be likened in this way: It completely depends on who is involved. If the person keeping the dog is cruel and insensitive, or even abusive, it is a bad thing. The same goes for the person involved with the horse. Horses are massively huge and incredibly powerful and could easily support numerous people on their backs. They could destroy a measly human without more than the will to do so --or at least escape from one. Yet, horses are very loving and kind creatures, many of whom would rather tolerate cruel treatment than fight it off.

If the human is respectful and kind towards the horse, the two can have a marvelous time galloping about. There's no reason why the activity, and even the relationship, shouldn't be enjoyable for both parties.

Love, Gregory

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