Horseback Riding and Animal Rights: Can They Ever Be in Harmony?


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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Sean Keys - 18 Jan 2006

I have a close friend who is horse-crazy. She's been riding all her life. She talks so kindly to her horse - it sounds like she's talking to a human. I sometimes think she has more regard for horses than humans.

Now, she does Dressage - and says it's all about the horse-human combination (as Gregory said). She says the horse simply loves an expert trainer when it's a HORSE LOVER!!

She says they get so excited, it's incredible - to come back to this debate, it's all to do with the relationship; remember we believe God created the animals as companions, not as food!

Now when I play with my daughter and let her ride on my back, is she being cruel to me?

Of course not, point is if the human has made a companion of the horse and the horse is taken to the human, the human will know when the horse wants to be ridden or not - he/she will make the right choice.

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