Horseback Riding and Animal Rights: Can They Ever Be in Harmony?


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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: CTS - 23 Feb 2007

As a regular horse-rider, no I don't think it's an infringement on horse's rights to ride them. You might think this in unfair but it is a fact that horses are stupid. If you are sat in top of a horse and it bolts towards traffic and you stop it, you have just saved the horse's life even though you did it against the horse's will.

Horse's like humans are self destructive, they fight and run off at the first sign of danger, putting themselves in alot of danger. I think that by keeping horse's in a natural environment, exercising them and controlling them, we are saving and prolonging their lives not the opposite. Although this does depend on the horse's owner and how they are kept.

The horses I look after are healthy and happy and they have a strong relationship with the riders aswell as the other horses they are kept with.

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