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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Anne-Marie Thompson - 28 Feb 2002

Our friends who are horse-owners/riders ~
I want to defend James for his sake, but especially for yours.  It seems that maybe you are letting feelings that are inappropriate for Christians get the better of you. 
While I do agree with the concepts that James is bringing forth regarding horses, I realize how difficult it would be to apply them, and even more difficult to ask others to apply them.  I don't think my expectations are as great as his.  And, while his opinions may be presented in a somewhat explosive manner (sorry, James), let's remember that he has also presented himself as a mature Christian.  Although his no-nonsense way of expressing himself can be a little overwhelming (sorry, again, James), we have to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he loves us with a Christian heart and wouldn't willingly hurt us.  While he sometimes sounds patronizing, I am sure that he is not actually trying to be patronizing.  Please, just don't take what he is saying personally.  I think all he wants is for you to put aside your emotional shield and, maybe, acknowledge that there may be some logic to his point of view.  Then, if you feel the need to, review your actions and lifestyle in light of the concepts he is putting forth, and then go on.  In other words, don't become so engaged with the wrapping paper and ribbon that you forget to open the present and evaluate the goods!  Where would Christians and vegetarians be if some of the seemingly off-the-wall changes we proposed that people make in their lives were perceived as personal attacks?  Please, try to change your perspective.  
I present these comments with love for all of you who love the same things I do.  We have to stick together.  I sincerely hope that none of THIS sounded patronizing!!!  Yikes!
~ Anne-Marie

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