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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Amy - 27 Apr 2003

I just wanted to share my views on the ethics of horse riding.

Last year I bought a 3 year old horse for my daughter that I rescued from becoming slaughtered.

The horse was given up because she has slight arthritis in her front leg. This dose not effect her lifestyle and causes no known pain as she is still very young. regardless of the fact that we have a large property I'm advised that if she doesn't get suitable exercise in the form cantering add least every 3 days then in the future she will suffer stiffness and quality of life. it would be impossible for my daughter to run by the side of a cantering horse so the only option would be to ride her. The horse in fact loves going on riding trails with my daughter, every time we bring the vegan "leather" saddle out Lizzy (the horse) comes running up to us in excitement. this is a special bonding moment between my daughter and Lizzy.

Don't just assume that horses are being forced into doing something they don't want too. it could be for there own good and enjoyment.


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