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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Deb Carpenter - 25 Feb 2002

Dear All:

I agree with Erin.  The horses in our lives have been as beloved as any other companion or family member.  I have seen them when they are teasing, when they are scared, when they are content and when they are feeling rambunctious.  We have together explored mysterious and silent places that you cannot see from the well-traveled roads.  Some of the most wonderful times in my life involved just dreaming and wandering wherever the horse wished to go. 

You cannot have a good relationship with a horse without a mutual sense of trust and communication, just as with any other creature you care about.  Yes, some horses are treated badly by stupid people, but those are often people who treat other people badly as well.  Whether it is a person or an animal that you are trying to exercise dominion over, that is wrong.  It is not the relationships of all horses to all people that is wrong.  For some of us, horses are cherished and loved, protected and cared for.  And I believe that respect for God's creation in nature comes from actually being in it, and trying to understand it.

Your sister in Christ,


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