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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Dave Evens and Kay Karro - 23 Feb 2004

Horseback riding, to you it maybe a evil sport and that horses are just doing tricks, but to me I see a smile on a disable human CHILD. I see children who could never quite run feel like there the fastest one on earth. To hear what you people see horseback riding is breaks my heart. You people have never felt what it like when a horse comes running to a gate or tries to cuddle up to you. What hurts even more is that you don't see the hours that the kind and nice people who loves hoses do. It can be something like a club that teach the kids how to take care of their horse the right way or waking up at 5 am to feed them. The hour human have spent on saving that one little pony who might die but like a dog it was worth it no matter what. I think if never found a horseback riding and never got a job to work at a barn. That I could be in a very bad place. (drugs or sex) Horses just don't get ridden, but the many who love and respect the horse will treat at as a god. The is a bumper sticker that say "If can't love my horse then you don't love me."

I also notice that Monty Roberts was mention. If I'm not right then prove it, but I read a book that he let his WILD horse go out in the WILD and it showed up the next day to be fed.. Also just to add there a lot people that have the same beliefs in riding as Monty. As my riding life goes on i should mention that I ride almost every day giving him his weekend rest of course which I have never know a nice rider won't do. And as for put a saddle on a horse's back well.... you should see the sizes the come in. What Ii think is that you should go to my barn where the horse are out all day and all of them will great you with a nicker. If that doesn't help you then can seeing my pony pawing at the ground because I'm taking to long to get ready to ride.

Of course our horses do like to play tricks with us, like the horse we can't ride in the mud because he likes to drop the rider in the mud. (they come up dripping in mud) Oh for the 200 pound thing hate to tell you but horses do tell us when we carry to much or when the saddle not right or the girth too tight. The saddle is only for something to sit on it should not help in anyway. Horse do buck and rear and do tell us when there unhappy.

I love my pony and I know he loves me. The horses that don't get contact with humans come right up to me and say hi (they pick on my pony because he the one who get the attention and they don't.) If this is not go enough there is an race horse that loves to come up to people and say hi by the way he roams free with the two other to horses. (no fences) I'm sure he would change your opinion on horseback riding.

To get more to the deeper part of riding we have a pony that has laminitis which is not cause by riding a horse but the laminae coming off the hoof wall. He will most likely die but we did try are hardest and I'm sure there will not be a dry eye when we have to end his pain. If this horse was out in the open with out human can he be starving and waiting to die. If you think that better for the horse then go ahead. You would just make a horses life hard and harsh. At least with the people I know that there horse are to fat and happy . I wish you could see this but you can't.

This is the one man (my pony) that I know that will never break my heart or hurt me in anyway. His my pony and no one will tell me that I'm hurting him in anyway.

The Little Rider and Her Pony

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