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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: James Hall - 25 Feb 2002

I don't think anyone who is reasonable and logical would condemn Anna's efforts to save horses from slaughter by selling them to people who will end up riding them.

But it's a matter of people making decisions to ride and harness and "break" horses who don't have to worry about those horses ending up in a slaughter house.

Before horses were "tamed" by mankind, they roamed freely with the buffalo.
Now, they are saddled and bridled and have bits shoved into their mouths and whipped and drugged and killed when they "go lame" because of human abuse.

I commend Anna for her efforts and I would certainly do the same thing given
the opportunity to save an animal's life.  But you will never find me on the back of a horse.  Or, never again in the back of a carriage.

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