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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: James Hall - 28 Feb 2002

The ancient peoples (I think Greeks) had a troubling custom.  If they didn't like a message that the messenger brought from the battlefield, they would shoot an arrow through him and kill him.

I can see a little of this building now on the horse question.  I had decided to drop this issue until someone posted a message today raising the issue again.  Please note: I DID NOT RAISE THIS ISSUE AGAIN TODAY, SOMEONE ELSE DID.  I SIMPLY ANSWERED THAT POST.

I have never said that anyone who rides a horse, etc. is a cruel person.  But
what I have said is that you should take stock of this practice and listen to your conscience about it.  I have also said you should do this within the context of considering history and tradition as it relates to treatment of horses.

I think a few of you might be having your consciences pricked about this practice, so it is human nature to want to "shoot the messenger."

But when you think I am belaboring the point, remember I did not post the
message today.  I simply answered it and will continue to answer any posts made about this question.

On this board, I often see this approach used with Maynard.  Though I don't
agree with him on many issues, I appreciate his straightforwardness and candor.
I haven't taken offense with his honesty, even when some criticism has been directed at me personally.  But some seem to want to take away his freedom of speech.  I, for one, want to hear what he has to say, though I may not always agree with it.

We're big boys and girls.  We can handle a little disagreement, can't we?

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