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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: James Hall - 28 Feb 2002

Anne-Marie's post makes me see that she realizes what I have been saying.

In the geographic area in which I live, vegetarians are considered "ridiculous, absurd, out-of-balance, whacko, cuckoo," which are the characterizations
of me on this board because I ask all to look into their hearts on the issue of horse riding, pulling carriages, horses used in labor, etc.

Most of the people I know would consider a person's vegetarianism to be just as "bizarre" as a person advocating a change in the way we interact with horses.

So, as Anne-Marie notes, this attitude on this board is pretty surprising.  And, quite frankly, disturbing.

Perhaps I have not provided the exact proper "packaging" for this issue, as she noted, but I am one who tends to want to concentrate more on what is in the package than frilling it up with a lot of ribbons and bows.

If you want to continue riding horses, using them for labor, riding in carriages - then that's between you and God and your own conscience.

But, for the Lord's sake, don't point a finger in my face and tell me I am "ridiculous, absurd, cuckoo" for having the audacity to suggest some intellectual
and emotional reflection on this issue of horse treatment.

I get enough of that every day simply because I am a vegetarian.

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