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Horseback Riding and Animal Rights:
Can They Ever Be in Harmony?
Comments by: Saba Alemayehu - 25 Feb 2002

“Thou shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.” Christ Jesus the Vegan Lord

Praised be the God of all spiritual creations, in the Lord. Amen.

Greeting. I read some of the posting on the issue of Horseback riding and like to share my views on it. The Holy Bible teaches us that all creatures are only spiritual by nature and are not both material as well as spiritual. All creatures are also here on earth and in the heavens to serve the one true God (Divine Love) alone in Spirit and in Truth and to worship the Lord only, eternally. Based on this Horseback riding, Elephant, Camel and other animal riding are not allowed for men to do.

Horse riding/racing is a crime and a sin, a serious offense it is as bad as butchering the animals for their bodily parts. It is as bad as violently milking them for their milk and taking their eggs unjustly. The tourist industry is making its millions by offering horse drawn carriages and elephant, camel and mare rides, in many countries. But the money made on the animals is unprofitable gain, a blood money that does no good.

Christian vegans should know that animal products as well as animal services degrade, the animals’ birth right, in Christ, to be free, to know and serve only their maker. They cannot do both the wicked human will and God’s excellent will. Every creation of God in Christian Science (the Lord Holy Spirit, the law of life) is fully and eternally God governed, God provided and God protected, God sustained, instructed, guided, healed and needs no human coaching and taming, to perform the God given duties. Horses, just like other good creatures of God, are very warm, responsive, intelligent and spiritually fruitful beings, who should not be violently, painfully and forcefully “tamed” by carnals, that are not lawful nor God fearing and fearless.

For example, some vegetarians wrongly think that the taking of dairy products is not as violent as eating the meat of the animals, but the spiritual facts disprove this wrong assumption. It is so unjust and painful to the milked, restricted cows, buffalos, camels and goats to be forced and do the will of the human race and the demonic beasts. That is why the vegan Lord Christ Jesus was/is the best shepherd/cowherd, who protects all the uncorrupt animals. Lord Jesus alone is the friend of all the horses and the other wonderful and beautiful beings, in the universe. All animals of God are equal in worth, fruitfulness in goodness with the human race and other beings, in Jesus the redeemer.

Therefore we should never assume that the horses do not mind being saddled and ridden by human beings because they do mind, it is not normal or natural for them to accept slavery, fatigue and evil. Cruelty, selfishness and cowardice may try to go on justifying horseback riding in societies but that does not make it right. The animals pray for us as we pray for them, they minister to all creations, as all creations also minister to them, by the power and the means of the Lord Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus alone is the Savior of all created beings, we are not the provider, healer, owner or saviors of the animals and trees…etc

I always tell to pony riders and police men/women not to ride the animals needlessly, but some of them think it is something that the animals themselves enjoy to do, which is a lie. Every animal hates being manipulated, exploited, and being made an instrument of the aggressive and forceful devil.

So I think we should be one mind on this issue and hope for the freedom of every animal on earth to be realized. So they too can serve only the Holy God of Jesus the just and live their own God given lives, with their families and the saint, as one body of Christ. The carnal self that should put that terrible iron thing on its own fibbing thong, to control it and tame it shamelessly puts it in the mouth of the guiltless horses and violently saddle and ride them, from no where to no where. This is so demonic. Polo and horse racing, boxing, rooster and bull fighting are all violent sports that we all should condemn and not have any thing to do with.

Blessed be the God of the good horses, forever. Amen.


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