How Could God Allow...?

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How Could God Allow...?
Comments by Susan - 16 Feb 2007

Dear Reverend Frank and Mary,

I'm writing to you firstly because you love God and seek His guidance
and secondly, because you love and revere His creatures.

As a person who has loved animals her whole life and now am able to
advocate for animals as a staff person with a national non-profit
animal advocacy organization, I find myself falling into what I fear
is a dark and hopeless abyss.

We've all been witness to--either directly or indirectly--abuses of
animals on every level. However, a cruelty case that occurred in
Georgia last year came to my attention again as a result of sentencing
of the criminals. The details of what these demons did to a helpless
puppy are beyond anything any human could imagine. When I first
learned of the case, just the basic description was enough to upset me
for nearly a week. But now, knowing the results of the trial, the
description of how that innocent puppy suffered has so affected me
that I become so emotionally upset that I just sit and cry. I see
images and it wakes me up at night. I know the precious puppy is no
longer suffering but oh, Reverend Frank, how could any human being do to a helpless animal what these monsters did to that puppy?

I've prayed and asked God to quiet my troubled heart and mind, but I'm
just so affected by this case that I don't know what to do.

I try focusing on good thoughts and I'm ashamed to admit that I
haven't been reading my Bible very much lately. Being immersed in
animal issues now--not just on a personal level, but all the time
now--seems to be taking its toll on me. I'm an adult woman--58--and
single. I share a home with another woman and we both adore animals
and between us have several cats and I have two Arabian horses.
Animal cruelty so disturbs me. I'm finding I have difficulty reading
about incidents that come to my attention. I feel so helpless. I
feel the animals pain to such a level that I can hardly focus on the
good aspects of life and the love and compassion that abounds among
those who love God.

I find myself questioning God; how can a loving, omnipotent,
omnisicent God allow such pain and suffering and evil to continue
unabaited, especially to the most innocent and vulnerable of our
world--the animals, children and elderly? I find myself hating the
human race in general and wishing I had never been born.

I don't belong to a church at the moment so I don't feel comfortable
just going to any church and asking for prayer, although that's what I
need the most I guess.

Would you pray for me, Reverend Frank and Mary? Would you take a
moment and help me find some peace in knowing that
everything--including the evil that men do--works together for good to
those that love the Lord?

Thank you, and may God bless you!

~ a voice for the voiceless ~

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