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Loving Nature

To us, a person cannot fully love God unless he or she also loves God's creation:

whether it's expressed in the form of Mary's painting at the top of the page, or in Carol Vito's photo of this winter wonderland,

or through the gentle beauty of this mother and child drinking water,

or the beauty of this spotted touch-me-not,

or through this cat and rat who prove that Isaiah's prophecy of a peaceable kingdom (11:6-9) is a reality,

or through this peaceful encounter with a mouse in a tree.

Comments by Stephen Kaufman - 12 Jan 2003

One may love God's Creation without seeing its current manifestation as the ideal. By analogy, one may love America not so much for what it is but for what its founding fathers (and subsequent generations) have dreamed it might be.

One may choose nonviolent living not because one expects that, by doing so, we necessarily bring closer the peaceful end of time, but as a prayerful expression of hope and expectation of that time. And, in a practical sense, our nonviolent living does, in its own relatively small way, make the world a better place to live.

When we try to improve on nature, we generally foul things up. Nature is too complicated by subtle interconnections, and well-intentioned interventions often make matters worse for animals rather than better. So, I encourage us, as individuals, to be as nonviolent as possible, and to seek (in general) a hands-off policy with respect to nature. I would make occasional exceptions to the latter recommendation, such as when Jane Goodall has had terminally ill chimpanzees euthanized with a bullet to the head.


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Watercolor painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art
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