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Our Animal Rights Articles


Our Animal Rights Articles
By Mary - 18 Apr 2013

In Reference to: 750 Hens from Battery Cage Egg Farm Safe

Thank you for reading my email and for forwarding it on although to me you are just as important as the ones who got the chickens because you CARE...sometimes its so nice to talk with someone who sick of some people saying to me "they are just animals)...even murderers in jail get fed and get be born a farm animal is the worst fate of anything I can think of and I am not forgetting the dogs, cats, rabbits and all of the other animals that are God's creation.  

If only people would realize that God created animals I think for us to learn, compassion, giving...but humans are sometimes horrific people and we should be learning the kindness and love from animals...we are their stewards and are not doing a very good job of taking care of them.  

So I thank you again for your caring and God bless you also.  These are God's creatures and I don't imagine he is too happy with the way they are treated...pray to him constantly to put an end to their suffering.