References to Food in Scripture

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References to Food in Scripture

Dear Mary and Frank L. Hoffman:

I've been studying the bible for almost 5 years now, attending the ministry school every week. I also do my own personal bible reading. As a whole congregation we understand that the priority is "seeking the kingdom first". What does God require of us?

In other words whose worship does God accept? Do you think he is concerned whether we eat animal flesh or vegetables. I think there are more grandiose, more serious issues we should take into consideration. Do we really know what God requires of us on a whole? Abusing animals is definitely uncalled for but that doesn't mean we are guilty because we decide to eat meat. I think there are to many little things which may not be beneficial for us, but still maintaining a balance is important. There is the obvious things which could have some serious consequences but in some areas it's left up to the individuals conscience.
The individuals committing those horrible acts will be accountable. Do we have the power to change the situation? . I think we as a human family need to find out what God expects of us and truly take to heart bible principles and start applying them to our lives.

Patricia Sinclair

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