Sled Dog Racing


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Sled Dog Racing
Comments by Jennifer Lyman - 5 Nov 2005

I am sorry but you have no right to generalize sled dog racing the way you do. there are bad people in the world and they do horrible things and I myself would love to personally hunt down any person who generates harm to an animal! But that is a major reason why I am involved in sled dog racing. My family has been racing for generations and we love our dogs so much. If you do not know the true love that goes on then you are blind. We definitely are NOT in the sport for the money because you do not make any! WE ARE CARING FOR ALL OF THESE DOGS BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM. Sled dog racing is almost an excuse to own, love, and care for so many animals. There will always be people who do not treat the dogs the way they should in any sport! Greyhound racing, sled dog...etc...because there will always be bad people, but not all people are bad and you CANNOT generalize and say there is noooooooooo LOVE involved. I am truly offended, because I would give my life for every single one of my dogs! I am sorry that you cannot look past these generalizations.