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Extra-Biblical Perspectives

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The writings herein reflect the views of the authors based upon their research into extra-Biblical writings and commentaries.  Some of the comments counter what is written in the Bible, but they do reflect some early Christian and Jewish-Christian thinking and debates over various Christian theology of that time.

Perspectives of Steven Turner
About Palm Oil

About Palm Oil

Do not forsake your Mercy from GOD, and do not go insane from the meats we eat. (Daniel 4:16-37)

Washing Hands with Palm Oil for Lather, got them thinking about what the scriptures really mean. (Matthew 15:1-2, 23:25-26) (Mark 7:1-4) (Luke 11:37-39) (Malachi 3:2) They had been cutting too many of these trees down without replacing them. Destroying the rainforest would also cut our oxygen. (Revelation 11:18) Hands were washed in Lavers, and they need not cut these trees down simply so they lather. (Job 9:30-31) (Jeremiah 2:22) (Malachi 3:2)

(Exodus 30:17-21) (1 Kings 7:27-39) (2 Chronicles 4:6)

Be careful with added ingredients. Palm oil can be hidden in the names Beta Carotene, Carotene (Sometimes made from palm), Fatty acids, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin A palmitate, Zinc Myristate and Zinc stearate. It can also be in Yeast with 491, as we choose Unleavened bread.

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