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By Janine - 1 Feb 2017

Dear Frank,

Have you heard from anyone who might have already done some research on this, to find out

WHERE is (or was) the very first

Vegan Church?

Or Vegan Mosque?

Or Vegan Synagogue?

Or Vegan Temple,

of any religion of origin? And was there a spiritual connection between that faith

(whatever the belief was or is)

and Veganism

and are they any pastors or people of the cloth or ministers or Rabbis or whatever the spiritual leader may be, who

link such a faith through an ideal,

such as the Vegan Rabbi, Asa Keisar

who maintains that

(for instance in his way of thinking)


Veganism is a JEWISH ideal?

We can also quite frankly and honestly also say that

Veganism is Christian Ideal, can we not?

I certainly see veganism as a highly evolved spiritual way of achieving harmony and heavenly peace on earth through practicing G-d's divine will here on earth.

Have you Googled vegan church, yet, Frank?



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