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By Maynard - 3 Feb 2017

So, IF we ‘general advocates’ speak ALWAYS as TO the ENTIRE human species, this message is NOT merely to “Frank and Mary” nor merely to subscribers to the Vegan-Christian e-mail list, but to NONVEGANS, NONVEGETARIANS, even to folks whose inherently positioned life strategy is not the least bit concerned with the (abstractly framed) ‘general good’ – but with AT THE VERY BEST the POSSIBILITY of some greater good that involves them. IMO, that is HOW FAR BEYOND ‘willing’ the general abstraction some folks really are. But then, if Frank’s insight is useful to the poor and downtrodden of the planet WE share, then THEIR ‘mental wish’ (for others to buy into) would be ‘unlimited love and compassion’ – tireless and without measure, without limit, unceasing, a CORE of basic DUTY. Oh, and MOST folks would burn out very early on…  Some have more strength and energy, and we would praise strength and resilience in this effort.

NOW, what do such people need with a vegan diet? JAN – what is your insight there? I think of the refugees from war-torn regions of our shared planet (seeking physical safety). It’s not only the RIGHT thing, but helpful, but … is that on their priority list? We’re talking about CONSCIOUSNESS, or are we discussing our DUTY to make that make sense to them as PART of a broader framework of health, wholeness, and ecological harmony?

{MY concern, in that light, is NOT about “the increasing abundance of ‘decadent vegan chocolate’ in the US marketplaces”! – as evidence that ‘more people are agreeing with us}


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