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By Fred - 5 Feb 2017

I see with understanding this that witness to vegan living is desirable in Christian churches.  Yet on another level there is antagonism to veganism among firm carnist churchgoers.  It is less and less satisfactory to Christian living to worship and fellowship with them, while they remain unwilling to change, and meateating references are frequent.  As the vegan believers are too rare to be found in the same church for many of us, starting a vegan Christian Church, or even fellowship, is too out of reach.  Even developing something for it through Facebook is an overwhelming challenge.  If chapters come about from this communication that is very desirable. 

As for doctrine that may be divisive, there may need to be separate development of such vegan fellowship without doctrine for such not wanting that, but for any of us to whom Christian faith is important enough there needs to be a statement of creed enough to show faith in the one God is important, Jesus is followed in faith, things in the Bible are read, and possibly a few more points, to have such vegan fellowship clearly distinguished with being Christian, while flexible enough with what is unessential for the necessary faith.


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