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By Mike - 5 Feb 2017

Hi Steve,  

Yes, I have been pondering this since I sent in my note of disappointment.  Perhaps, you are right; perhaps we should better organize.  Since it is already called the Christian Vegetarian Association,  then perhaps we should set up chapter, instead of churches.  This way, any church, be it a conservative church or a liberal church, could house a chapter, if the only requirement to be part of the CVA was to believe in God, see Christ as saviour (however one understands that) and hold the Bible as an important document, even if a church didn't particularly believe it was inerrant.  Of  course, this idea could be fleshed out better, I am just typing as I think...  We could issue membership cards, and have the various chapters hold meetings in their area, where they get together both to socialize and to think of ways to get the message out about a more compassionate diet.  

take care,


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