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March 23-24
Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles
North Hollywood, CA

March 24
Ocala Veg Fest
Ocala FL

March 24
Rice Vegfest
HHouston, TX

March 29
Protest the Reopening of Santa Anita Death Track
Arcadia CA

March 30
Sonoma County March for Animals
Santa Rosa, CA

March 30
Indy VegFest
Indianapolis, IN

March 30
Indianapolis IN

March 30-31
Seattle Vegfest
Seattle, WA

March 30-31
Wilmington Vegfest
Wilmington, NC

April 5
Golden Rule Day

April 6
4th Annual Nashville Vegfest
Nashville, TN

April 6
Texas Vegfest
AuAustin, TX

April 7
New Jersey Vegfest - Vegan Pop-Up Shop
Asbury Park, NJ

April 12
Bear Witness to Cows
Augusta, GA

April 13
Cube of Truth / Masters Week
Augusta, GA

April 14
Fairfax VegFest
Herndon, VA

April 14
Puerto Rico VegFest
Ponce, Puerto Rico

April 18
A Prayer for Compassion - Second Screening
New York City

April 20
Midwest Vegan fest
Glendale, WI

April 20
NH Vegfest
Manchester, NH

April 21
Berkeley Vegan Earth Day
Berkeley, CA

April 26
UCLA Protest: World Day for Animals in Labs
Los Angeles

April 27
Charleston Sol-food Vegfest
Mount Pleasant, SC

April 28
Michigan Vegfest
NNovi, MI

April 28
New England VegFest
Worcester, MA

May 4
International Respect for Chickens Day

May 4
Tulsa Vegfest
Tulsa, OK

May 18
Cleveland Vegfest
Cleveland, OH

May 19
God's Creatures Ministry Spring For Life Dinner
Caldwell NJ

May 29
Animal Liberation Conference
Berkeley CA

June 1
Lancaster VegFest
Lancaster City, PA

June 2
9th NARD National Animal Rights Day

June 7-8
Plant-based World Conference & Expo
Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY

June 8
Philadelphia Vegfest
Philadelphia, PA

June 9
Fifth Annual Nasheville VeganFest
Asheville, NC

June 26-28
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary's Mini Earth Camp
Mehoopany, PA

June 28-30
National Health Association Conference: The Health Science of Plant-Based Living
Cleveland OH

July 3-5
Five Day Save
North Carolina

July 15-19
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge's Camp Compassion
Pittsboro, NC

July 26-27
International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine
WWashington DC

August 5
WNY VegFest
Buffalo, NJ

August 18-25
Woodstock Fruit Festival
Camp Walden NY

August 17-18
Triangle VegFest
Durham, NC

September 8
Albany Vegfest
Albany, NY

September 14
Richmond Veg Fest
Richmond, VA

September 21
Harvest Vegfest
York, PA

October 17-20
Asia for Animals Conference 2019
Dalian China

October 19
LowCountry Vegfest
Hilton Head Island, SC

October 25-27
The 27th Annual Animal Law Conference
Portland OR

October 26
14th Annual Central Florida Veg Fest
Orlando, FL

November 9
Atlanta Veg Fest 2019
Atlanta, GA


December 18, 2021
Animal Liberation Day March
Washington DC

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