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December 16
Reggae Vegan Fest
Garden Grove, CA


January 12
Worldwide Rally Against Trophy Hunting

January 12-13
The Humane Hoax Online Summit

January 29
Sac-town Vegfest
Sacramento, CA

February 2-3
AZ Vegetarian Food Festival
Scottsdale, AV

February 9-10
6th Animal Film Festival
Grass Valley CA

February 20 - March 1
Vegan Antarctica Cruise

February 23
Central Coast Vegfest
San Luis Obispo CA

February 23-24
PHX Vegan Food and Beer Fest
Phoenix AZ

February 24
SWFL Vegfest
Bonita SPrings, FL

March 3
Vegged Out Westchester Pop Shop
White Plains, NY

March 15-17
2019 Shamayim V'Aretz Retreat
Baltimore MD

March 24
Rice Vegfest
Houston, TX

May 4
Tulsa Vegfest
Tulsa, OK

June 7-8
Plant-based World Conference & Expo
Javits Convention Center, New York City, NY

June 8
Philadelphia Vegfest
Philadelphia, PA

August 18-25
Woodstock Fruit Festival
Camp Walden NY

September 8
Albany Vegfest
Albany, NY

October 19
LowCountry Vegfest
Hilton Head Island, SC

2021 Yes...2021!

December 18, 2021
Animal Liberation Day March
Washington DC

Ongoing Events Listings

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