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We've been in the commercial building industry since 1963. The construction and/or renovation of health care facilities has been the primary business of F.L. Hoffman Corporation since it's founding nearly four decades ago. Our comprehensive and straightforward approach to health care facility construction has set new standards for performance, value and functionality.

We offer the most comprehensive and all-inclusive construction advisement package available. This enables an owner to maintain control of a project during all phases; thereby ensuring that the cost, quality, durability, economy and aesthetics of the finished product are in accordance with functional needs the owner has expressed.

Nearly four decades of experience has allowed us to build a rapport with hundreds of health care professionals, solving difficult problems, simplifying complex concepts and consistently delivering projects that work on time and within budget.

Note: Beware of firm's offering any combination of Construction Management/Architectural/Engineering or Construction Management/General Contracting arrangements. By definition, this is a clear conflict of interest and will not result in the benefits provided by a true, professional Construction Manager.

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All profits of F. L. Hoffman Corporation are donated to
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