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Construction Management                                    
Why Use a Construction Manager? ...To Determine Feasibility

Owners usually think of total project cost while the architect and general contractor generally think of hard costs, such as equipment and the actual cost of construction. It requires a team effort to determine the total cost of a project without expending large sums in fees. This is one of the main reasons for engaging a Construction Manager, early in the planning stages.

Once F.L. Hoffman Corporation has been brought aboard, the various known and estimated cost items are pieced together during the preliminary planning process. We work in conjunction with the owner and architect to arrive at a reasonable, workable projection of all costs. This process allows the owner to make well-informed management decisions affecting the various cost components of the project to insure that the project budget remains feasible during the design phase.

What Is a Construction Manager?
A Harvard Business Review Article on Professional construction management states: "Construction Management. Although this approach has several different variations, the essence of the concept centers on the introduction of a construction manager as the owner's agent and manager of the entire building process. The position is similar to that of the "master builder" of ancient times, whose responsibilities spanned both the design and construction phases of the building process. Today, however, "he" is more commonly a group, a company, or a partnership with two paramount characteristics: construction know-how and management ability".

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