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Scope of Professional Services


  • Determination of basic requirements and options including time frame, financing, functional needs, site and design.
  • Preparation of initial layout and design indicating areas of new construction, renovations and anticipated work required, if necessary.
  • Preparation of anticipated construction schedule.
  • Preparation of initial cost estimate.
  • Value engineering and programmatic recommendations.


  • Assist in selection of qualified design professional for completion of working drawings in accordance with initial design.
  • Review and comment on proposed outline specifications.
  • Perform comprehensive plan analysis and provide recommendations to both the owner and architect. Preparation of preliminary cost estimate.
  • Presentation to owner of anticipated costs and project schedule.
  • Assist in preparation and submission of required applications to all regulatory agencies.


  • Preparation of bidding documents.
  • Submission to architect required forms for insertion into Division One (General Requirements) of the project specifications.
  • Preparation of final cost estimate.
  • Final review of project plans and specifications prior to bid.


  • Distribution of plans and specifications to qualified bidders, Dodge Scan and Builders Exchanges.
  • Clarification of plans and specifications for bidders.
  • Determination of acceptability of substitutions and alternates to specified items.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive bidding report indicating:  names, addresses and phone numbers of all bidders; sequential value of bids received for each bid section,
  • Preparation of a comprehensive bid analysis showing: Original estimate per individual bid package,apparent low bid per package, difference between estimate and low bid and recommendation of contract award.
  • Background check on apparent low bidders.
  • Preparation and distribution of prime contracts.
  • Collection/verification of insurance certificates.


  • Select or assist in selection of an on-site project manager.
  • Schedule and chair project orientation meeting.
  • Insure timely submission of submittals and shop drawings for approval.
  • Review and approve contractors proposed work progress schedule.
  • Periodic (usually weekly) site visits to determine quality and acceptability of work.
  • Conduct regular jobsite project meetings with owner and contractors.
  • Generate and distribute weekly status reports depicting job progress.
  • Complete project cost accounting including: Generate and certify monthly requisitions for payment; generate and approve change orders/purchase orders; check writing and distribution; interaction with financial institution and general bookkeeping of all project accounts.
  • Arrange for required inspection(s) by regulatory agencies.
  • Insure timely submission of "as-built" drawings.
  • Prepare final punchlist for correction by contractors.
  • Conduct eleventh month walk-through/inspection prior to termination of one year guarantee.
  • Assist owner's representative in completing a certified a cost audit upon completion of project, if necessary.
  • Prepare and deliver to owner two volumes of approval submittal and shop drawing data.
  • Retain (on microfilm) entire project file for future reference as necessary.
  • Delivery of entire project file on Optical Compact Disc (CD) is available at added cost.


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