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Financial Accountability
On the owner's behalf, F.L. Hoffman Corporation collects and prepares all paperwork required for monthly bank requisitions Requisitions processed by our firm are accompanied by all necessary documentation required by the project specifications, lending institutions and owner. The forms and procedures utilized by us have been praised and accepted by virtually all lending institutions and offer unsurpassed protection of the owner. Approved payments are promptly forwarded directly to the contractors and suppliers, thereby improving jobsite workflow and morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the Construction Management benefit the owner?
    The CM gets involved early in the design phase and acts as owners agent to ensure that the project remains in budget throughout the design process. The CM then assists the owner in arranging for the contractors and the suppliers who will actually do the work, and coordinates these various trades with the efforts of the Architect to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality.
  2. What soft cost savings can be achieved?
    Typically, the use of a Construction Manager will save money through the elimination of certain services, which would otherwise have to be performed by the architect. This includes duplicated field inspections, cost estimating services, bidding, etc…. On a typical $4 million project, a 1-% reduction of an architect's fee saves you $40,000 through the elimination of services architects prefer to avoid anyway.
  3. What mark-ups are charged on the costs known as general requirements: such as temporary office, telephone, toilet facilities, utilities and field supervisory personnel?
    With our Construction Management, approach, the owner pays only for the actual cost with no mark-up. This typically saves an additional 1-%. Using the same $4 million project in the above example, these savings would be another $40,000.
  4. What is the "team approach"?
    The team approach involves the combined and coordinated efforts of owner, construction manager, architect, and contractors. With it, the architect is notified of the cost consequences of his design decisions as the project develops.
    During construction, as questions and concerns arise, the CM coordinates the resolution of issues through non-adversarial dialogue between the architect and contractor, while defending the owner from unwarranted cost escalations. This liaison eliminates shortcomings inherent in the traditional "GC method" whereby the GC and architect are "at odds" with each other over plans vs. bid.
  5. Do I still have to hire a general contractor?
    No. Since the construction manager has overall management responsibility, there is no general contractor required
  6. What affect does the construction management approach have on my schedule?
    A principal benefit of the CM approach is that it lends itself to "fast track" or phase construction-which can often result in major timesaving. Redesign of any out-of-budget packages can occur while in-budget portions of the work proceed on schedule.

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