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VIVA!'s Veggie Christmas Pages 2011

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Welcome to Viva!'s Veggie Christmas Pages 2011
Being veggie or vegan has never been more important - or easy to do! Eating meat-free this festive season is the kindest and most compassionate thing you can do for the animals, your health and the environment. Let our Christmas pages inspire you to try something different this year!

For all your Christmas veggie recipes visit the brilliant Vegetarian Recipe Club Christmas Pages - which now features over 40 dishes and is still growing!

Viva!'s Mini Guide to a Veggie Christmas

Featuring the very best season recipes and everything you need to know about meat and dairy-free dining this Christmas. The guide is available to order, for 1plus p+p, by clicking here, or calling 0117 944 1000.

It includes 17 beautifully illustrated dishes, such Viva!'s Luxury Festive Roast, Mini Yorkshire Puddings and Roasted Stuffed Mushrooms. To view the guide online, click here.

Plan your Menu

With our new Christmas Veganiser Chart showing great veggie alternatives to all your favourite seasonal foods
Veganise Me!

Challenge Viva! to veganise almost anything from roast turkey and bread sauce, to quiche, cheese sauce and puddings.
Great Gift Ideas

Visit our amazing Christmas shop for wonderful ethical gift ideas

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