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Dogged MP pins ban bid on poster – campaign offers a ray of hope for female deer

From The Universe dated November 16 1997

The MP bidding to ban hunting with dogs this week launched a nationwide poster campaign to support his Private Members Bill. A poster shows a terrified deer plunging into a river to escape a pack of dogs.

The poster proclaims: “It’s hard to swim when you’ve been running for three hours.”

The launch was timed by Mike Foster to coincide with the results of a poll for the Campaign for the Protection of Hunted Animals which shows increasing support for a ban. The Mori poll found that 73 per cent of people believe hunting should be stopped – a rise of eight per cent since July.

Mr Foster, whose bill comes before the Commons in a fortnight, said: “Today’s poll shows opposition to hunting at an all-time high. It is time for the British people and our public figures to speak out.”

The ban is supported by celebrities, including actor Sir John Gielgud, ex-Take That star Mark Owen andEastEnders matriarch Wendy Richard.

Spokeswoman Kate Parminter said: “Our campaign focuses on the cruelty of hunting with dogs and is a reminder that foxes are not the only victims of this barbaric practice but also deer, as well as hares and mink.”

The poll, for which 3,010 adults were interviewed, found:

  • Four out of five people favour drag-hunting, in which humans act as the prey, rather than the hunting of animals;
  • 72 per cent believe hunting is outdated;
  • 74 per cent disagree that hunting with hounds is needed to control wild animal numbers.

Hunt fans have accused Mr Foster of being an IRA sympathiser – because his wife is Catholic.

Reproduced with thanks.

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