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Labour attack by animal activists

From The Universe dated Sunday, August 16, 1998

More than 2,000 animal rights activists took part in a protest march earlier this week to highlight their claim that Labour has "betrayed" animals since coming to power.
Hundreds of protesters, many carrying banners bearing slogans including 'Ban Bloodsports' and 'Tony B'Liar', marched through central London blowing whistles and chanting in support of animal welfare.
The march, across Westminster Bridge and through Whitehall, ended in Trafalgar Square, where a host of speakers, including TV writer Carla Lane, staged a rally.
Paul James, a member of the Animals Betrayed Coalition, who helped organise the Animals Betrayed March, said hundreds of people had traveled from all over the country to take part.
He added: "Before last year's election, the Labour Party made a number of promises and they have failed to keep them, so we feel very strongly that they have betrayed animals.
"We hope today's march will make them sit up and take note because because the majority of people in this country are against all types of animal cruelty, including hunting, which should be banned as soon as possible."
Many of the protesters voiced their anger at the police presence, but the majority of demonstrators were in a peaceful mood.
A spokesman from Scotland Yard later said one man was arrested during the demonstration for what was believed to be a public order related offence.
Frances Russell, a member of the Twickenham Animal Rights Movement, said she felt very strongly that the Government had failed to keep its promises.
"The Government got elected on the basis of promises that turned out to be hollow. They are still giving out fur licences, there are still animal experiments for warfare and hunting has not been banned. They are just a bunch of conmen," she said.
John Hicks, organiser of the march and head of International Animal Rescue, who was due to speak during the rally, said Labour had failed to deliver on promises made in opposition to ban hunting, stop fur farming and set up a Royal Commission on vivisection.
But League Against Cruel Sports spokesman David Coulthread told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the march was a mistake - more could be achieved by working behind the scenes with backbench MP's, who were anxious to get these measures implemented and were talking to ministers.
"We believe there's tremendous political will and we are working with the Government," he said.
Protesters were today also holding an exhibition about animal cruelty at the Hippodrome, central London
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