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Animal lovers in church farm fury

By Jacqui Ball, from the (Brighton) Evening Argus
October 3, 1983

A hundred animal rights supporters demonstrated outside a church in Storrington yesterday.
The protesters were trying to persuade monks from Storrington Priory to close down the veal farm they run.
Members of the Compassion In World Farming group joined people from Animal Aid and the Catholic Study Circle for Animal Welfare to hand out leaflets and lobby the congregation of Our lady of England Church.
They waved banners saying "Religious killers" and accusing the monks of making profit out of animal suffering.
Most of the congregation gave them a frosty response. A letter from the church farm had already been circulated giving the monks' case. But one man gave the group a donation.
One woman inside the church said: "It shouldn't be happening. This is private property. They have no right to be here."
But the campaigners said the demonstration was the first of many.
"This is just the beginning. We want the farm to close down," said Lesley Turpin, secretary of Compassion In World Farming.
"Representatives of our group were shown around the farm on Friday, but it has not changed our minds. We might well call a national demonstration and ask for wider support.
Mrs Josephine Potter, 63, of Chatsworth Road, Brighton, and her family joined the protest.
"I was married in this church and my children were baptised here. I was horrified when I read what was happening. I think it is a cruel and unnecessary way of keeping animals. As a practising Catholic, I felt I had to come along," she said.

A leaflet issued by the monks said: "We take a pride in our animals while they are in our care." 

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