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Star interest for St. Francis's Day

From the former British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection journal AV Times (October, 1969):
The accompanying picture was not taken on the TV set during rehearsal for one of Spike Milligan's World of Beachcomber series. It just shows him being interviewed by the BUAV's recently joined AV Set Organiser, Philip Barrow.
Milligan was not fooling when, on World Day for Animals, he filled the celebrity spot at the public meeting put on at Worthing Town Hall by the local BUAV Branch.
Posed the hoary old faithful question whether he would or would not sacrifice the life of a pet to save one of his children, he frankly admitted that he might - but that it would have to be his responsibility and that if he chose to do so he would be wrong.
Under the chairmanship of veteran anti-vivisectionist, the Rev. Basil Viney, there was a lively general discussion centred on anti-vivisection but also embracing wider animal welfare issues. It was by no means another gathering of the "converted" and the general debate was vigorous and lively.
And lively is the only word to describe the conduct of Exeter's first-ever pet service on World Day for Animals, held at the city's St. Olave's Church. Not only was there a python present - adding a touch of Eden perhaps - but, to quote the Exeter Express and Echo: "A tortoise, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs and a Siamese cat came along. Although there were many different breeds of dogs sitting almost on each others' tails, on the floor of the pews, they knew their places and restrained their more aggressive instincts while in church."
Reproduced with thanks.

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