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Letters By Margaret Lawson

To All Ministers on my "Mailing List"

Dear Reverend Sirs,

I wonder how many of you noticed that publicity this year for "World Day for Animals" was practically nil? Only a few of you received a copy of the enclosed leaflet which was in fact intended for insertion in the autumn "Manse Mail". (Owing to a printers' error it was not in fact inserted - I have received full monetary compensation and indeed it rebounded mightily in our favour.) However, considering the amount of suffering and slaughter of God's creatures, millions reared in factory farms, which takes place at this time of year for the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Compassion "with the oxen standing by" - how inconsistent can we get? - it would seem that this is as good a time as "World Day" for special prayers for the creatures and all who debase themselves, and, for that matter, their religion, by killing them and eating them. Indeed, would it not be wonderful if Christmas Day were to be one of "Carols and Kindness" and not one of "Carols and Killing" which, sadly it is, even among the vast majority of Christians? Why not make a beginning this year putting over this idea - you are all in such special positions of trust for guiding Christians to a kinder, purer, more moral way of life? Salads raw or cooked are easy enough to prepare, and I shall gladly send recipes to anyone who cares to write.

Yours Sincerely in the service of God and All His Creation,

M. E. Lawson
December 1973

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