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Letters - By J. M. Gilheany
Vegetarianism right course for Christians

It seems the ethical case for vegetarianism is rarely associated with Christian morality.

However, the history of the Vegetarian movement in Britain reveals the influence of every major Christian denomination and many prominent figures.

Charles Wesley, CH Spurgeon, General William Booth, Lord Soper and many other less well known believers contributed to the growth of humane concern for the lives of other creatures.

Last week's report of a revival in the practise of Friday abstinence concerns a separate, penitential tradition. However, the contemporary context will probably invoke comparisons with the ethical and environmental impetus behind 'Meat-Free Mondays'.

Catholics have no need to baulk in the event of such controversy. Indeed, contrary to widespread assumption, the Christian voice has not been completely silent or hostile in the course of religious expressions of pity for slaughter-house victims over the past two centuries.

Anyone who may wish to explore the subject can freely access an archive of recent research at:

The Universe (29/5/11)

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